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How does Hysteroscopy work?

Hysteroscopy refers to the examination of the cavity inside the uterus using the aid of endoscopy. It is accessible through the cervical region. It is used for the detection of intrauterine disease and is a method for surgical intervention. It is done using an endoscope that is comprised of optical and light fibers are employed.

The hysteroscope has an inflow and an outlet channel for insuring your uterine cavity. Sometimes the operative channels can also be utilized to introduce equipment, such as cabinets, biopsy instruments, and graspers.

There are two kinds of hysteroscopy:

  • Operative¬†
  • Diagnostic.¬†

In the scenario of diagnostic hysteroscopy, the gynecologist places an inconspicuous tube that has an appropriate camera inside the abdomen to observe the inside of the uterine cavity. It is also done to confirm the results of other tests, including HSG (hysterosalpingogram).

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is one of the most widely used and accepted methods for diagnosing issues within the uterus. It is frequently employed in conjunction with other procedures, such as curettage and dilation or even laparoscopy.

In operative hysteroscopy diseases that affect the uterus can be treated. It’s always performed following the diagnosis hysteroscopy. Search for the best hysteroscopy services in Indore. The procedure can also be performed along with an exam.

The Procedure:

  • In this method, the doctor will first dilate the cervix using the aid of the device Speculum.
  • The device passes through the vagina to the cervix, and then to the uterus.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide, also known as carbon dioxide is introduced into the uterus using the hysteroscopy apparatus to cleanse and dilate the uterus’s surface. This allows it to be easier to see the uterus.
  • After cleaning the uterus by using the light and camera doctor can view the inside area of the uterus as well as the fallopian tubes through the computer monitor. It aids in diagnosing and testing any condition that may be present in the uterus. When the procedure is performed for any kind of surgical procedure the tools for surgery are placed into the uterus using the tube of the hysteroscope.