Counselling | Pushp Clinic Indore. 

Counselling is an important part of treatment at our centre Pushp Clinic care. Talking to the patient, understanding her emotional trauma and giving her confidence to deal with the situation is a very big step towards her well-being.

Half of the treatment is done with tender love care approach & counseling acts as a Midas touch with medicines.

Total laparoscopic hysterectomy with adhesiolysis.

Patient came to me with lots of anxiety about her surgery, already she was advised hysterectomy by few gynaecologists but they refused laparoscopic surgery for her. Hysterectomy was v much needed in her case as she was suffering from severe pain and heavy flow during her menses since 3/4 years and only partial relief with medication. Patient had already undergone three surgeries…… appendectomy, open myomectomy & laparoscopic adhesiolysis. So this was her fourth surgery , as expected there were lots of bowel adhesions, tubes & ovaries fully adhered.

After doing adhesiolysis meticulously i could make way to the uterus. Entire surgery was done laparoscopically & patient was discharged after 48 hours.