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6 Ways to Help With Hip Pain While Pregnant


A Chiropractic adjustment can help realign your spine and pelvis which can relieve hip and back pain. An adjustment can help with pelvic balance and give your baby more room which will help relieve pressure on you.

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Use a body pillow while you are laying down, place it in between your knees just under your belly, this will help take pressure off of your hips.

6 Ways to Help With Hip Pain While Pregnant










Stretch! Stretching can help restore your balance and make your muscles around your pelvis and hips stronger.

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Soak in a hot bath or use a heating pad, this can help alleviate sore hips and muscles.

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If your hip pain is keeping you up at night, try to sleep with a pillow between your knees and behind your lower back. This can support your hips and back to reduce pressure while you try to sleep.

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Try a pregnancy pillow or sleeping on an air mattress which can help alleviate your hip and pelvic pain. A pregnancy pillow or air mattress will reduce pressure around your entire body.

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