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Why One Should Visit A Gynecologist?

If you are experiencing critical issues with your reproductive system or want help to deliver your babies in the safest possible condition, you should choose the best and the most experienced gynecologist in your region.

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How to Overcome Depression After Childbirth? Dr. Sheela Chhabra

Being pregnant and delivering a newborn baby brings lots of mixed emotions. You don’t understand whether to be happy, sad or angry. Your gynecologist can help you in tackling this problem. You should create a bond or attachment with your baby which enables a child to feel secure enough to develop fully. Because when you are attached to your baby your mood swings change with the mood swings of the baby. Likewise, if your baby is happy you also feel happy. Recognizing and responding to each other’s emotional signal is important for a healthy relationship.

Depression after childbirth by Dr. Sheela Chhabra

Mild depression and anxiety are common in new mothers but if it does not recover after a few weeks you must consult medical advice from your gynecologists. Instead of celebrating your baby’s birth you are exhausted and feel like crying. Hormonal changes in the body after childbirth leads a woman to experience health issues and may lead to postpartum depression. When a woman gives birth to a baby she undergoes physical and emotional changes. The stress of caring for your newborn baby can often lead you to depression. You can cop up with this problem by consulting your gynecologist who will advise you tips to recover from this problem.